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SNP Updates

CHMP offers Special Need Program(SNP) to member who qualifies. CHMP is dedicated in improving the quality of care in our SNP population. CHMP will be providing periodic updates to our SNP program. The following are the most recent updates:

  1. CHMP is proud to announce that we have re-structured and hired a brand new team of clinical personnel to better serve our SNP members. CHMP has also built a new software to facilitate SNP care management. We aim to improve the Health Risk Assessment (HRA) completion rate and also timely completion of each individual care plan.

  2. Our SNP team is dedicated to reducing 30days readmission rate in our SNP population. Our goal rate is <15%. Last quarter of 2015, we achieved 13% in 002 and 10% in 005 members. SNP team has introduced a transition of care program that includes a 72h and 14-21day post discharge calls from our inpatient case manager. Our SNP case managers then take over the care for long term follow up.

  3. We aim to improve diabetic control in our SNP population. Our goal is for >60% of our members with HbA1c of <9.0. In 2015, 92% of our 002 diabetic patients and 72% of our 005 diabetic population met this benchmark.